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Sue Chytka Letter the the Editor

Dear Gregory County Pumped Storage Project Stakeholders (Landowners, Businesses,

Citizens and Taxpayers)

*Missouri River Energy and MidAmerican Energy Company have been trying real hard to

pull the wool over our eyes. But here are a few things they don’t want you to know about

this project.

*It is an “out of state, private, for profit company” coming to SD and taking our beautiful,

productive land by eminent domain for private gain by generating power to sell to the

highest out of state bidder. There is nothing good here for Chas. Mix Co., Gregory Co. or the state of SD. God gave us this beautiful land, please do not destroy it because of greed!

*Wonder where your income tax money is going? Up to 3 Billion of your tax money will go

to pay for Gregory Co. Pumped Storage Project.

And more tax bologna…The Gregory County Commissioners were given estimates of tax

revenue Gregory Co and the Burke School District will receive from this project. The SD

Dept. of Revenue has stated they do not know how much it will be taxed until construction

has started. And since when do these out of state companies get to decide how much we

are going to pay in taxes. Not a very trustworthy company if they think they know more

than SD Dept. of Revenue and our own county.

*Oh Yes, they told us they cut the reservoir by approx. 1/2, down to 1125 acres. (This is the

3rd plan change they’ve thrown at us since last April) What they didn’t tell you, that now to

generate the power they have to have for their plan, they have to have the water go up and

down the tunnels and through the turbines 2.5X’s more than the original plan. Therefore,

2.5X’s the amount of turbulence, 2.5X’s the amount of vibration, and 2.5 X’s the amount of

sediment and sand movement. Less time for it to settle. Quicker erosion of the shoreline.

*With this project, the entire 107 miles of Lake Francis Case is pumped up and released 2X’s

per year. That’s a lot of water being pumped out of the Missouri River! There goes the

great fishing by the Platte-Winner Bridge. In other areas of SD some hydroplants are not

working because the Missouri River is too low. Gregory County Pumped Storage Project will

consume more energy than the Oahe Dam and Ft. Randall Dam produced together.

Please help stop these for-profit companies from invading our peaceful community.

Susan Chytka

Burke, SD


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