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THANK YOU'S/Legislative's Coffees and Cracker Barrels

Good Evening CAMRPSP,

Below is an email shared with us by the group working to stop the carbon pipeline. Please take time to read the email as well as send "thank you's" to the house members included in this email.

Thank you,

Melissa Johnson

Steering Committee Member

Landowners for Eminent Domain Reform: We are elated that HB1133 and HB1230 passed the House!!! However, we still have an uphill battle in front of us! FIRST: Please take a few minutes to send an email (list of house members emails that voted "Yes" included towards the end of this email) or make phone calls to thank all the House Members that voted for HB1133. Also, a special thank you to key House Members that spoke in support of our bill: Will Mortenson Karla Lems John Sjaarda Jon Hansen Kevin Jensen Scott Moore Oren Lesmeister Carl Perry Chris Karr Tina Mulally Marty Overweg Brian Jorde Equally important, please thank landowner attorney, Brian Jorde, who made the spur of the moment trip to Pierre to speak on our behalf during the House State Affairs committee meeting. He was very instrumental in moving this bill forward especially in his rebuttals against the opposition on HB1133. SECOND: Unfortunately, we can not let any dust settle under our feet. Since we don't know when HB1133 and HB1230 will be heard (thinking next week or the following week) in the Senate, please make every effort to attend Cracker Barrels/Legislative Coffee's tomorrow being held throughout the state and encourage Senators to support HB1133 and HB 1230. Our main focus moving forward is on the Senators, but if you attend one of tomorrow's events, please make sure to thank the House Members that voted for HB1133 and HB1230. (Vote count list attached.) For your reference on House Bills:

  • HB 1133 - provide that company transporting CO2 by pipeline is not a common carrier (This is our extremely important bill.)

  1. It is a landowner property rights protection bill. It still allows a pathway for pipelines of any kind to be approved (which is important for you to let our representatives know). Its effect is simply that certain pipelines may not qualify for eminent domain powers. They can still negotiate with anyone to get the easements they want. But they simply can’t force or threaten landowners in to signing over property rights against their will.

  2. It is best to focus on the eminent domain protection for private property – keep the message simple and urge their support.

  • HB 1230 - clarify references to the court in a condemnation action

This helps landowners after condemnation lawsuits are filed against you by forcing a good monetary offer from the pipeline when they file the lawsuit as opposed to them waiting till the eve of trial to present a “fair” offer. LEGISLATIVE COFFEE'S/CRACKER BARRELS: CORSICA/PLATTE: - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH @4pm at the Platte Pizza Plus BURKE: - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH @ 1pm Other Cracker Barrels: Here's a good list of cracker barrels happening throughout the state. Also attached are the handouts that all the legislators have been given. If you are in need of talking points, these would be good to reference before talking with your Senators. Below is the email list of the 40 House Members that voted for HB 1133. (Note that the House Members that did not vote for HB1133 have been omitted.) House Members:

Fact_Memo_FINAL (1) (1)
Download PDF • 375KB

LEDR_Fact Sheet2_FINAL
Download PDF • 5.96MB

Vote Count HB1133 - House Members
Download PDF • 97KB


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