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Noem Action Letter!


Governor Noem has refused to meet with any legislators or any individuals affected and concerned about the Gregory County Pumped Storage Project. Therefore, we are calling on you to take action. Governor Kristi Noem’s office has said they will not release any comments at this time and will not allow Game, Fish, & Parks to submit comments either, until they get more information about the project. GF&P’s involvement in the study process is critical. They are the ones who know what needs to be studied and how it should be studied in order to protect our state’s game, fish, and parks, all of which are affected by this proposal. We don’t even need a commitment of support at this time — we just need the state to help good quality studies so the state can make a good quality determination of how it will affect the state’s interests. Please contact the governor’s office and ask her to release GF&P and other state agencies to participate in the FERC study process. You can contact her by email at or by phone at 605.773.3212.


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