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Welcome to our Group

Greetings fellow CAMRPSP (Citizens Against Missouri River Pump Storage Project),

My name is Melissa Johnson. I am one of the landowners in Charles Mix County where they want to place the proposed transmission line. I have offered to be the one to create an email group to send out any information that has been shared with me/us that would help keep everyone informed on what is happening and on when meetings will be taking place.

We are in the early stages of getting everyone and everything organized to stop this proposed project in Gregory and Charles Mix Counties. We plan to get a website up and going, which will make sharing any information much easier and more timely. We also will be getting a non-profit account set up too.

Please use this as a place to share anything you feel is worth passing on to others.

In the next few days I will be sending out several links to the project, news articles that have recently been on radio and info on the upcoming virtual meeting with FERC.

Thank you for your time and support in this effort and together we will get this project stopped!!



Below is a link to an article on WNAX's website on an interview with Lee Qualm regarding this project.


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