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REMINDER for FERC study requests

Good Evening CAMRPSP, On behalf of the CAMRPSP Steering Committee we would like to remind you that there is only 1 week left to submit your letters to FERC digitally or by paper mail. Please see the email below that was sent out earlier with information regarding this process. We also would like to kindly request your financial support. The cost of this effort to stop this project is starting to add up. Lawyer fees, printed material, and the cost of a website are just a few examples of what has taken place thus far. Yes, we now have a website. You can go to the website by typing, There you can find the different ways you can submit your donation. We are now a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so your donation will be tax deductible. Please feel free to share this information with anyone you can think of. We plan to add new items on a regular basis on the website to keep everyone informed and to have fresh material to read.

We thank you for being a part of this effort!!


Melissa Johnson

CAMRPSP Committee Member

Submitting a Letter to FERC
Download DOCX • 27KB

Valerie FERC Letter (1)
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This link is Brief of Amici Curiae Dr. William Happer, Dr Richard Lindzen, and the CO2 Coalition in Support of Petitioners and Reversal

From the brief:

Dr. Happer, Dr. Lindzen, and the CO2 Coalition Amici believe that the “science” relied upon by the EPA in its Endangerment Findings is seriously flawed and not truly scientific. They believe therefore that the denial to reconsider the Endangerment Findings is without a valid scientific basis, arbitrary, and capricious. For several decades, Amici have studied the science and evidence purportedly underpinning the Endangerment Findings and are experts in the fields of physics and atmospheric sciences from which the EPA’s evidence is drawn.

I am forwarding this because the EPA's war on CO2 and…

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