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Eminent Domain information from Joy Hohn

Attention CAMRPSP!

The attached email was shared with us by Joy Hohn. She is a part of the group trying to stop the Carbon Pipeline. We both share the same concerns regarding eminent domain. Please take a moment to write and submit a letter to our SD legislators.

Thank you,

Melissa Johnson

Steering committee member

PLEASE CONTACT LEGISLATORS ASAP on HB1133 and HB1230 Landowners for Eminent Domain Reform Eminent Domain legislation is being sent to the house floor this week! Please send individualized emails and MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE BILL NUMBER(s) both in the Subject line and in the email itself. We need the bill numbers in the Subject line to get our house representatives attention!! Your email does not need to be long! Just a quick email or phone call asking our legislators to support these bills to protect our personal property rights!!!

  • HB 1133 - provide that company transporting CO2 by pipeline is not a common carrier (This bill will need our biggest push and will be voted on Thursday)

  • HB 1230 - clarify references to the court in a condemnation action (This bill will be voted on Wednesday)

Advice on your emails to legislators:

  1. Be very specific with our outreach and our “ask” (emails/calls/letters/personal visits) to legislators and here is the best type of messaging to use once we have our Bill(s) with a number(s) we can reference:

    1. My name is X, I am your constituent/I am a voter in your district and own land near/in (Name of town in the Legislator’s district). I voted for you because I am concerned about the erosion of Landowner’s property rights – I am particularly concerned about eminent domain abuse and for-profit projects that threaten my family's way of life. I have live/farmed/ranched in your district for Y# of years and my family for many before that. We are all counting on you to do the right thing and support Legislative Bill _____________ (and include the number/and essence of the Bill)

    2. The next best is if you are not a VOTER in their district, then you say emphasize your connection to their area and to SD as a whole – you are a taxpayer etc. Given most of these folks are Republicans – but it works both ways if you are a D calling on a Democratic legislature – tell them I am a lifelong Republican or Democrat and myself and my family are counting on you to support Legislative Bill _____________.

    3. If you live out of state and are an absentee landowner and DO NOT vote in SD – then focus on being a Landowner/Taxpayer and concerned about the future of SD and property rights etc.

  1. The point of this is – hit them with the most direct connection to the person you are speaking to. Letting them know you are a VOTER in their district is by far the best. Contrast that to if a friend of yours from Seattle emails asking them to support a bill – the latter is near worthless while the former is very impactful. They need to hear from their voters first, and then SD citizens second.

You can write one email - PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDING TO MAKE IT MORE PERSONAL! Copy and paste the email addresses below under the BCC portion of the To: line for it to be more personalized to all the house members. Reference email list below. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help with your email!! House Members:



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